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A message from WSS PTA president, Theresa Zaun:

I have been a teacher at West Sedona Elementary School since 1999. I am raising money to help keep our library open so that books can be accessible to all students. Due to the lack of funding for education, our school has had to make numerous cuts in staffing. The Library is one of the places funds have been completely cut. Currently the Library position is funded through PTA donations on a highly limited basis, only 3 days per week for a K-8 school with close to 400 students. As many people know, this is not enough time for all students to gain access to books. There are also no funds to purchase new books for the children. Funds are needed immediately.

This fund means so much to me because I am a second grade teacher where learning to read is so important. My students are always excited to go get new books and for many, this is the only book they have at home. I also have 2 children attending West Sedona School who love to read and use our library weekly. I am only 1 person but I know that there would be numerous thanks and gratitude for any help we could get to support this cause. No one wants to see the Library doors closed but it will happen without help.

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This year's Wildcat Carnival was our BEST YEAR EVER! Thank you to all the Sponsors and Volunteers. We could not have done it without YOU!!!

We hope everyone had a great time!
SEE YOU NEXT YEAR at the 2016 Wildcat Carnival!!!

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Arizona State Tax Credit

What is the Sedona Kids Tax Credit?

When you pay your Arizona State income tax, for every dollar you pay to the state, less than 1 cent comes back to our Sedona community.

If you enroll in your community Sedona Kids Tax Credit program, every dollar of income tax paid through this program is kept within our community. Dollar for Dollar – up to $200 per single filer and $400 for joint filers.

What better way to help your community? At no cost to you, enroll in this program TODAY, and the taxes you pay now go directly to your community schools and activities. The deadline to enroll for each year is December 31st. Read How it Works here.

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The West Sedona School PTA is selling these adorable bumper stickers for $10.00 each to help raise funds for the classrooms. Please show the community that you care about our children’s future. Get a West Sedona School PTA bumper sticker today!
See Teresa Lamparter at the school’s front office or call 928-204-6602.

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We earned $1,000 last year for our school with Box Tops. They can be dropped off in the front office.


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